Saturday, April 4, 2009

Winter Writer's Cafe - January 16th

Bailey has the neatest 2nd grade teacher this year - Ms. Faire. She's young and vibrant and really willing to go the extra mile for her class!
The kids wanted a Christmas party but with all the having to be politcally correct crap, Ms Faire was told she couldn't have one. So in an effort around this, she decided decided to have a Winter Writers Cafe as an alternative. The kids were told to write a poem or a story that they were going to get to read to their parents at the Cafe. She sent home cute invites and had cookies and hot chocolate. This was supposed to take place December 12th, the last day before winter break, but the snow came with a vengence and the kids started their winter break earlier. So it got rescheduled to January 16th. Bailey had wrote a poem and a story (which he tried to finish but it was really long). He read the Poem at the Cafe. I'm a proud Mom!
Bailey's Poem - The Snow Man:
The snow was falling
My bad sister was drawing
A snow man was walking
He filled my stocking
With a bunch of candy
And his name was Manny

This is Bailey sitting next to his good friend John. Bailey thinks John looks like Slash from Guns N' Roses. He calls him that! (LOL! But I think he does too!) Bay wishes his hair was like this - Oh No- I think we may be raising a little rocker!

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Heather said...

That is so funny! I saw the picture first and said the same thing "who's slash?"