Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goody Gumdrops! It's the Rigtrup Christmas Party! December 20th

So Hyrum and I have had a Christmas party for the last 4 years. I LOVE Christmas but I especially love this Christmas party. In the past it's been mostly an Elder's Quorum party but since Hyrum is no longer President, we decided to expand the guest list and make this an Annual tradition. I was really surprised we had as many guest show as we did since there was a serious snow storm outside!
One of the funnest things about the party (next to "no kids allowed") is the White Elephant gift exchange. It's hillarious! There's always such a selection of "gag" gifts. I think people plan for this all year! This year we had a box of junk (literally), men's thong underwear (with happy faces all over it), a "how to kiss/treat a girl" book from the 1950's (with personal notes) and a bunch of crazy other stuff! My stomach muscles hurt from laughing so hard!
Don't miss next year's "Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!" Game on!
Gary & Christi Jacobs, Krista Mitchell, Kelly Jensen and Jake & Cindy Rigtrup
Gary measuring how much is left in the bottle.... Making sure the Peguin lights up! A HOT gift this year. Remember to raid your local Big Lots for next years bird light up!

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