Saturday, April 4, 2009


Gabriella has been enjoying spending time with me in the kitchen. She loves to cook and do anything bake wise! She's usually attached to my hip in the kitchen. The only thing she wanted for Christmas this year was an Easy Bake Oven. I remember wanting one so badly when I was her age! So my little Chef received one (amoung other baking stuff) from Santa Claus this year. (I definitely want her to love to cook and bake.) We had so much going on after Christmas that we didn't have time to do the Easy Bake and use her new cupcake decorating machine (which by the way, was a complete piece of junk and waste of money). She also had been playing with her other new toys.
On the first day back to school (Ella's a Kinder so she goes to school in the afternoon) that morning she came to me and told me that she wanted to bake something using her new oven. I told her that the next day would be better but she wouldn't have that! "NO! Not tomorrow, I WANT TO BAKE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!" Now usually I don't tolerate the temper tantrums well but I could tell she really wanted to do this and I felt bad that we had waited so long to do it. So I put my plans on hold and we had a morning in the kitchen baking. She baked a little round cake and frosted it. She thought it tasted perfect. (I thought it tasted disgusting! But that's Easy Bake cake mixes for ya!) We then baked more cupcakes from a regular cake mix so she could use her frosting machine to decorate them! I really enjoyed my time with my daughter and I'm really thankful she LOVES to cook and bake.

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