Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hey Friends!

I'm sure there are some of you out there that occasionally look at our blog and can't help but notice that I just quite writing/recording on it. I'm sorry for all the good times I've lost by not recording. I've been SOOO overwhelmed over the last 10 months. I've been bucking everything I enjoy doing (decorating, crafts, school, shopping, general projects, ect.) and have been concentrating on just breathing and getting through a more difficult time for our family.

I'm sure you see that I'm a year out with all my entries. We really do have some great stories and times to share and since this is my journal of sorts, I feel that I need to get back on the horse and get going. Why am I telling you this? Occasionally I look at a lot of your blogs (through others) and am so impressed with all you do and all you are. You are an inspiration to me and I'm hoping that you'll include me in your blogging world and give me pointers, tips and encouragment to GET GOING. I'm computer challenged and have a hard time figuring out how to post others blogs. Send me an email or respond to me with your address so I can post your blog onto mine and go into it more often.

But enough with the excuses...I'm going back about a year. I promise if you look at it you may see yourselves and hear some interesting stories to boot!

Much Love To You All! Thanks for your friendship!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

AND WE'RE OFF! Copenhagen Denmark - May 12th

Monday, May 11th at 6:45pm, we flew out of Seattle to Copenhagen, Denmark on our way to Paris, France. It is not an overstatement to say that I'm a nervous flyer. I had sweaty palms and a stomach ache for at least the first 6 hours of the 14 hour flight. I do not like to be off of solid ground and I was also worried about leaving my children but once I calmed down and slept on the plane (not much) I felt so much better. I was really excited about our adventure. Hyrum is such an easy-going traveler he was fine when we were in the car on the way to the airport.
As we were flying into the Copenhagen airport, everything was so beautiful. It is so green and there's lots of farmland. We could even see the Oresund Bridge that links Denmark to Sweden. The Copenhagen airport is huge with a lot of shopping, expensive shopping. It was so nice in comparsion to Chales de Gaulle airport in Paris, which , believe it or not, is an absolute dump.

We had a 4 hour layover so we decided to catch the train (like a subway) and head into downtown Copenhagen. While on the train, at one stop this group of kids, about 5 of them, got on. They ranged in age from about 6-9 years old. I kept watching for their parents but the kids were the only ones who boarded. This was our first introduction to Denmark. Hyrum and I were somewhat alarmed that they weren't with any adults but as we made other stops, more kids got on and we realized that this is completely normal here. (I can't say I even want my kids riding their bike up to the school by themselves let alone letting them ride all over town on a Subway system with out me.) Denmark has a very low crime rate.

As we got off and came up the stairs, I took one look at the city center and fell in love with Denmark! Everything was so cute! It was also so clean. And as we walked around people were really friendly and so happy. We also saw more kids by themselves playing and bikes everywhere! Unlocked bikes! I hope we can go back to Denmark and take our kids with us - I think they'd love it!

Bikers were everywhere!

The city center. Lots of people sitting on the benches eating ice cream around the square.

We were actually supposed to be in this picture but the guy who took it thought Denmark looked better than the Rigtrup's! ;)

Like France, Denmark also uses the tops of buildings to advertise.

A typical street with lots of shopping.

NONE of these bikes were locked up! Check out the Angels and Demons poster in the background. We saw that poster all over France too!

Outside cafe. Lots of young people socializing. We wondered if it was a holiday or if these people work?
Across the street from this was a Frankfurt hot dog stand. I wish we got a picture of it! We paid something like 300 krone (DKK) for each one (I think about $5). We had it Danish style with some sort of red sweet sauce, mustard and cucumbers. Yum!

Lots of cobblestone.

Ran into the LDS missionaires coming to Denmark from the MTC. They were happy to see fellow Americans!

Hyrum took this picture while we were waiting for our flight to Paris. I was exhausted from the time change.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baseball - March/April/May

I know that I'm his Mom, but I have to say that my son really is an excellent baseball player. I should've know that would be the case as he follows in his very competitive Daddy's footsteps! This was a really good season and Bailey smacked the ball for a home run numerous times! It is so fun watching him play any sport! I enjoy Bailey's competitive nature and love of the game. Keep it up dude!


Go, Bailey Go!

Stop! You're safe!

He's got it!

He's Out!
Gabriella's idea of watching Bailey's Games :)

Easter - April 12, 2009

Ok, well, I hate to say it but dyeing Easter eggs is probably my least favorite holiday tradition. (I actually can't stand it!) And it never fails that I procratinate it to the Friday or Saturday before Easter Sunday. So if, your wondering why my kids look ridiculous in their "dyeing gear," it's because I try my hardest to not have green/purple/yellow hands and finger nails at church on Easter. (Yes, I'm "that" mom!) At least I can put white gloves on Ella on Easter. It's definitely a kid favorite activity!

Ready to go in our painter shirts, nasty gloves with the ghetto cups used specifically for this purpose.

Let the dying begin!

My cute kids! (Bailey's into the chipmunk smiles right now.)

Spring Break at Multnomah Falls - April

This year we went to Vancouver/Portland area to visit my cousin Heather and her family for Spring Break. We always have SOOO much fun with them! Heather and I took the kids to Multnomah Falls. It was really fun!
Aden, Gabriella, Owen, Liam and Bailey in a cave at the falls.
The whole group!

My little ballet dancer.

At the fish hatchery by the falls where the fish were enormous. Ugly too!

Yep, these are mine!

This water fountain was a huge hit with the kids. They all had huge water circles on their shirts when we left!

Throwing rocks!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pinewood Derby - April

When Bailey turned 8 he went into Cub Scouts. This is a whole new world to me! Thank goodness Hyrum understands everything that goes on with Scouting and building a Pinewood Derby car. Bailey and Hyrum had a ball coming up with the design of Bailey's car. It's all about the race (and not just for the kid either).

The project car that took hours! Good job Bailey and Dad!
Watching the track and clock.

Bailey placed 7th. He wanted 1st but got some good ideas to improve the car for next year.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - March 17th

I'm Irish and I think Hyrum has some Irish in him too. So every year we believe it's important to celebrate St. Patrick's day. It's more because we have so much fun doing it (Irish music and all)but we also share stories or facts about the day. I cook corned beef with cabbage, soda bread and all kinds of other green things like lime jello, green mashed potatos and green beans. This year we invited family to share the Luck O' the Irish!

Green, Green Everywhere!
Grandpa Rigtrup and Jordan joined us!