Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ward Bethlehem Night - December 13th Evening

This was really a fun night but a lot of work for our Church Activities committee. We had to come dressed in time period/cultural clothing. The gym looked amazing and we all had a fun time - eating (Hyrum), making sandels (Gabriella), laying around (Bailey) and socializing (Stephanie). I appreciated all the work that went into this and the amazing spirit of the true meaning of Christmas this brought. Bailey, the shepard.
Bailey hanging out with friends.

Seriously, all these boys did was lay around in the Syngogue! Funny how some things never change with time...

Nativity acted out by ward children and the Allen's! So cute!

Gabriella as one of the 10+ angels singing Silent Night! (I know, she doesn't look much like an Angel but I was sick of trying to put wardrobes together for that night and by the time I got to her I threw on her white sweater, a "Hyrum made" halo and her purple wings and called it good. She was not impressed with my efforts and let me know that she was more of a fairy than an Angel! Bad, Mom, Bad!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Stevey visits! December 14th

Steve, my brother, came in from Yakima to visit his son Daniel. We had a great time visiting and I'm so proud of him and his progress - he's doing fabulous and looks great! I'm excited for his future! Welcome back Steve!!! I love you little bro!