Sunday, December 21, 2008

Soccer Season Ends for Bailey and Gabriella (mid November)

This year was Bailey's 3rd year in Soccer and Gabriella's 1st. It was great to watch both of them at different levels. We really enjoyed soccer this year!

Bailey had fun and scored a lot. He also got to be goal-keeper this year in a few different games. He is so natural at sports and so team-oriented!

We kept asking Gabriella if she wanted to play soccer and she kept responding "I want to dance and do cheer." Hyrum really wanted her to try soccer this year so we told her she could do dance, cheer and soccer (I know, I know, we were insane with the schedule we kept this fall!). To cinch the deal we also had to buy her "pink" soccer shoes! She did awesome though even if she didn't score a goal this season - I know she's only going to get better!

Bailey about to score a goal!
Fancy footwork!
(Gabriella in the pig-tails next to the girl in the green.)
Bailey just before soccer season started!
Gabriella in her "pink" soccer shoes starting the season!

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