Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Tradition and We Love it!!! December 9th

Pictures with Santa
Rigtrup Clan
August (in front), Toby and Avery on Santa's lap
Lydia standing in red dress, my kids and Caleb
(Becky's 3 boys were sick and couldn't make it)
Bailey actually wrote Santa this letter 2 years ago and it was on the the big guy's desk!
Cheese! Standing in line to see Mr. C
Avery (Cory & Brea's), my Ella, Lydia (Jake & Cindy's)

Every December we take a trip to Bell Square in Bellevue to see Santa (he's the best around) and have pictures taken. We've done this ever since Bailey's first Christmas. We now have 8 (years) pictures decorating the house at Christmas time. It's fun to see the kids grow and they look so precious in their Christmas outfits. I also appreciate hearing what the kids tell Santa they want - it keeps me on my toes!
At the same time my kids have their individual pictures we also do one for the Grandparents. (It didn't work out this year for my side of the family.) I love to see the kids interact with each other and both Grandmas really appreciate the picture each year! Then we head down to watch the drumming soldiers on SnowFlake Lane.

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Erik & Marcie +2 said...

That is so cool they had that letter from Bailey!