Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Mommy let's have a tea party!" November

This is a phrase I hear all the time - and I love it! Gabriella was born all girl and really enjoys imagining whether it's with us, her friends or her dolls. I had to share this experience as it was a little more elaborate then usual!

When she asked me to come to the party she had laying out on her bed a full princess outfit (in her size 6 mind you), jewels, gloves, shoes (the plastic dress up type) and a crown. I did what I could by wrapping a feather boa around and putting on the jewels and crown. (There was no way I was going to fit "Princess Aurora" costume and I looked like one of the ridiculous "Step Sisters" trying to get those shoes on!) After we were formally ready for the party she introduced me to her guests - Madison "the doll," Anacordes Bubblegum" another doll," Sofia "the cat" and ? "the poodle" (Gabriella knows each and every one of her animals and dolls - I just need to catch up.) as "GRANDMA!" What?! I had to bite my lip as she was dead serious. We dined on plastic jewels (apparently cookies) and drank pretend tea because she "really doesn't like real tea."

Well, this was one memory that will live forever in the "Grandma's" mind! I love you "My Sweet Ellabee!"


Texas Turleys said...

I love these pictures! Ella is such a beautiful little girl!

Nana and Papa said...

I am so glad that I got your Christmas card and found you blog. Our blog is come and see what we have been up to.
Merry Christmas,
Aunt Karen

Heather said...

Hello Miss Stephanie! I'm surprised to see you've had a blog for awhile and haven't mentioned it until now! What's up with that? Ella is such a girly girl, she is so funny with her imagination. Love it! Hope you all had a great Christmas! Say hello to Hyrum and family from us!